About Us

Hollie Blakeney



Hollie has always been interested in the intersection of art and community. This drove her to start her first gallery cooperative 18 years ago. Continuously curious, she dabbles in many art forms, including glassmaking, block printing, painting, cyanotype, jewelry, and collage. Her interest in diversity, inclusion, and intercultural studies, has taken her around the world where she spent many years living in Spain, Taiwan, and Ireland. She loves Lawrence and happily lives here with her husband and two very large, very cuddly dogs, Rosie and Claire.

Morgan Long



Originally from Topeka, Morgan has developed a successful art and photography business here in Lawrence. She loves creating large scale commissions and murals, and her colorful, graphic paintings add joy to any room. Morgan is committed to creating an inclusive art community. She is here to support emerging artists turning their dreams into reality. She lives in Lawrence with her daughter and enjoys spending her time pouring love into her little.

Our Business Model:

  • The business model is based on Chartreuse, an arts co-op that Hollie founded in Michigan. Chartreuse has successfully used this model for over 16 years.
  • Artists pay a monthly membership fee. This gives the gallery a steady income base to count on, regardless of sales, and gives the artist a larger cut of their sales. If the artist is more comfortable with a traditional commission model, we can do that too; whatever is best for the artist.
  • As members, artists are encouraged to be much more involved than they would be with a traditional gallery. Although not required, we encourage them to serve on committees, occasionally help in the store, attend events & retreats, share their ideas, and know that their voices are not only heard, but acted upon. A sense of belonging is key to developing a strong arts community.
  • Customers, especially tourists (KU families, etc.), appreciate a shop where everything is locally handmade. This creates customer loyalty.
  • Frequent community-focused events bring the artists and the greater Lawrence community together.

Let's Get Social

Connect with us at @artlovecollective on FB and @artlovecollectivelfk on IG!