ALC Team left to right: Kassidee Quaranta , Monique Mercurio, Morgan Long, Taylor Overton
Art Love is the only art gallery + gift shop in Lawrence, KS where every item is LOCALLY SOURCED!
Every piece in our shop comes directly from an artist or maker in YOUR community. We’re different than traditional gallery models because our vendors keep 80% of what they make. We are ARTIST-FOCUSED and believe artists deserve to be supported, empowered, and compensated for the time they put into their craft.

Our Business Model:

  • Artists pay a monthly membership fee. This gives the gallery a steady income base to count on, regardless of sales, and gives the artist a larger cut of their sales. If the artist is more comfortable with a traditional commission model, we can do that too; whatever is best for the artist.
  • As members, artists are encouraged to be much more involved than they would be with a traditional gallery. Although not required, we encourage them to serve on committees, occasionally help in the store, attend events & retreats, share their ideas, and know that their voices are not only heard, but acted upon. A sense of belonging is key to developing a strong arts community.
  • Art lovers, community members, and visitors from out of town (KU families, etc.), appreciate a shop where everything is locally handmade. Art Love Collective offers a unique shopping experience in Lawrence, KS.
  • Frequent community-focused events bring the artists and the greater Lawrence community together.

Closing the gap in the Lawrence art scene...

The area has so many talented artists, but prior to Art Love there was no permanent gallery/shop space  exclusively dedicated to giving local artists to sell their work.

Our Reason

Additionally, younger artists and artists from marginalized groups have reported feeling disenfranchised by community art organizations that do exist in Lawrence. We honor the need for a fresh, supportive, and less formal space for artists to hang out, meet, work, collaborate, teach, and sell their work.

Art Love Collective offers a safe space for artists to:
  • Sell work without paying a high commission
  • Teach classes and keep the tuition
  • Create art
  • Collaborate
  • Meet potential customers
  • Network
  • Learn
  • Grow their business
  • Cultivate an online presence
  • Trade/share art supplies
  • Attend & host totally amazing events

Let's Get Social

Connect with us at @artlovecollective on FB and @artlovecollectivelfk on IG!